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Our Mission
Events & Ticketing made better.
At Viking Fehu, we believe that blockchain technology and community engagement can improve events and ticketing. By using the latest blockchain technology our plan is to make the managing, ticketing, organising and experiencing events more enjoyable for event organisers, attendees and artists.
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The problem
Existing ticketing platforms are failing us
A few major companies control the heavily concentrated ticket industry. Lack of control over resellers or ticket sales made outside of the platform fuels an active environment for different types of ticket scams, as well as the ability for people to manipulate the price of tickets. Both leave those looking to attend the event and engage with the artist in nothing but a terrible position, one which often leaves a bad atmosphere and a ruined experience.
Woman tweets train ticket details to confirm seats, loses Rs 64,000 to conmen in Mumbai
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The Taylor Swift Ticket Fiasco is Refocusing a Spotlight on Ticketmaster’s Dominance
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40,000 Fake Tickets at the Champions League Final? It Was Really 2,589.
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“Daily reminder that Ticketmaster is a monopoly, it’s merger with LiveNation should never have been approved, and they need to be reigned in.

Break them up.”
Fans left with 'invalid' tickets in Ed Sheeran anti-tout scheme
Sheeran’s promoters cancelled all tickets bought from secondary ticketing site Viagogo, leaving fans in the lurch on first night of stadium tour
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Football fans warned to beware of fake ticket scams
Fraudsters are using social media to offer fake tickets and trick unsuspecting victims out of their cash - the average loss is £410, according to Lloyds Bank.
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The real and fake Champions League final tickets displayed by French authorities at a press conference in Paris
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Event industry market size
The solution
Blockchain-based NFTs
The Fehu ticketing platform uses blockchain-based NFTs and can be used to verify the authenticity and ownership of digital files like event tickets, collectible art, unique soundtracks, custom videos and more.
Safe & Secure
Fehu is leveraging the latest blockchain technology to ensure the security of the platform: Data, plans, tickets, funds - all secured from bad actors. With Fehu, never worry if your ticket is fake.
Financial Control
Helps simplify the financial aspects of event management, from planning to delivery. The platform also offers tools to support creation and implementation of new revenue streams, like Web3 goods and services.
Engaged Community
Fehu’s plan is to allow event lovers to connect, communicate, create and store lifelong memories..
Easy-to-use Interface
The Fehu app is designed to be as efficient as possible, so that you can get to where you need to go in as little time as possible.
Buy from Anywhere
Whether you’re on your couch or at an event, you’ll be ready for the next one! Purchase your event tickets from the comfort of your choosing.
Fast & Reliable
We do our utmost to ensure that service is fast and reliable so that you’re never just waiting.
The process
What does the Fehu token do?
All transactions in the Fehu app, like tickets, trading NFTs, purchase of merchandise and at-venue food and beverages, will automatically be converted to Fehu tokens. This allows for using smart contracts to verify authenticity, automatic revenue sharing, pre-selling packages and zero-wait queues.
Fehu Token Tokenomics
3.2 Billion Total Supply.
Tokens sale
New releases from company
Other / Investment fund
Liquidity pool
Referral bonus
Team allocation
Marketing & partners
Exchange liquidity
Tokenomics is a term that captures a token’s economics. It describes the factors that impact a token’s use and value. Assessing a project’s tokenomics before deciding to participate is essential for purchasers and stakeholders.
Our Roadmap
Q3 2022
Product idea
Market analysis
Team recruitment
Q4 2022
Brand strategy
Product roadmap
Q1 2023
Social media
Community building
ICO Start
ICO marketing campaign
Q2 2023
Product development
Q3 2023
Sales start
Expand social media presence
Q4 2023
MVP release
Closed application alpha test registration
Product alpha testing
Product beta testing
Team recruitment
Q1 2024
API integration with third-parties
Team recruitment
First community event
Q2 2024
Full commercial launch
Marketing campaign
Multi-lingual implementations
NFT ticketing marketplace launch
Team recruitment
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