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Our Mission
No more fake tickets and fraud
Fehu provides event organisers, partners and attendees with a secure ticket-buying experience and simplified event management.
Fehu presents a new way for everyone who loves events - friends, fans, artists, influencers, clubs - to easily manage and attend online and real-life events.
Fehu Token
A game-changer for the industry.
At Viking Fehu, we believe that blockchain technology and community engagement can improve events and ticketing. By using the latest blockchain technology our plan is to make the managing, ticketing, organising and experiencing events more enjoyable for event organisers, attendees and artists buy building the Fehu app.
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The Fehu app
The Fehu App can be used for all kinds of events, from small and private, all the way to global ones. From ticket price calculations to rapid income distribution, the platform will help you take care of all important event organising activities.
Audience engagement before the event. A hype is created to get the audience excited.
Real-time updates and engagement during the event.
Access an AI powered diary that showcases all event photos/videos, discounted offers, lost & found etc.
Events made easy
With its comprehensive platform that simplifies ticketing, forecasting and management for events organisers, Viking Fehu removes the stress and frustration that often comes with organising events.
Collectible NFT tickets
The Viking Fehu ticketing system uses a blockchain certified “Non-Fungible Token” or “NFT”. NFTs can be used to verify the authenticity and ownership of digital files like photos, tickets, art, ID-papers, sound-tracks, videos, etc.
Problem solver
The platform simplifies event ticketing, forecasting and management for organizers, Viking Fehu removes the stress & frustration that comes with organizing events.
Strong community
Our goal is to create an engaged community of event lovers who can easily create and store memories in the form of collectible items, ensuring that every event, no matter the size or location, leaves a lasting impact.
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