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The Fehu App
The new era of event ticketing
The Fehu App will help you take care of all important event organising activities, from ticket price calculatons to rapid income distribution.
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Fehu creates audience engagement before, during and after any event
Before the event
Audience engagement before the event
Buy tickets seamlessly
Engage with other attendees and organisers.
Get special offers as attendees enter the venue.
During the event
Real-time updates and engagement during the event
Collect in-app purchased consumables and merchandise, avoiding any queues.
Capture memories
After the event
Audience engagement after the event
Relive the event forever with an AI-made memerobilia.
Rate the event
Engage with attendees and artists after the event
Gain exclusive access to special offers for next events
Be the first to know
Receive early access to the Fehu app, latest news, updates and more.
Become part of the revolution today
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